About Me

My name is Wojciech Wencel. I’m a student and an indie VR developer from a beautiful coastal city in Poland – Gdańsk. I’m passionate about all new technologies and recently I’ve become fascinated by virtual reality and extended reality in general. When I’m not developing games I love to spend time on downhill longboarding and gaming with my friends.

I have got myself into developing for VR platforms since the first day I tried it. My first contact with VR was the Google Cardboard – even though the experience was very basic I was simply amazed and felt its huge potential. It’s when I decided I had to make a game that would use this technology and created Forest Run – my first VR game.

My VR headsets in chronological order.

During the development of the Forest Run I learned a lot both about VR and game design in general. And then Google announced their new VR platform – Google Daydream. It was an amazing opportunity to take everything I’ve learned previously and create a bigger and better game. That’s how I came up with Swish – a sci-fi racing game.

I’ve always liked the idea of software that is free and widely available to everyone – it’s really easy to learn and share your knowledge. That’s why most of the software I use is free and open source. For 3D modeling I use Blender, for basic image editing – GIMP, for audio – Audacity and most importantly for game development  – Unity. In order to render 3D scenes in Blender or bake lighting in Unity I use a powerful PC with an i7-8700K and a GTX 970 inside.

I’m active on many websites connected to VR and software development, you can find me on Unity Forums, Stack Overflow and Reddit. It is how I have learnt most of the things I use now and I wouldn’t have been able to create anything I have so far without the help of many people on the Internet. It’s also where I share my projects and get feedback, which is necessary during development.